ReNU students at Pint of Science

Tida Moyo (Cohort 3) and Nick Theodorou (Cohort 5) were amongst the speakers at a recent Pint of Science event in Newcastle. The event was co-hosting by Ruth Pollard (Cohort 3) link:

Dancing Drops: Rain, Sun, and Sustainable Spark!

Tida Moyo (PhD Student, Northumbria University)

Join me as we explore the captivating synergy of rain and sun, harnessing their power for sustainable energy. Discover the magic where rain meets sun, unlocking nature’s energy potential—perfect for Newcastle’s ‘solar panel-resistant’ weather. Gain insights into blending renewable energies, leaving inspired to embrace eco-friendly innovation.

Get ready for a journey through science with a splash of humour and endless curiosity. Just us as we turn our grey today into a greener tomorrow!

The Geometric Genius: Conducting The Symphony of Light Using Meta-Surfaces!

Nick L Theodorou (PhD Student, Northumbria University)

Picture a world where the ancient art of geometry holds the key to future energy solutions.

Welcome to the world of Meta-Surfaces, where command over the simple equation 1 = A (Absorption) + R (Reflection) + T (Transmission) at any frequency (ω) becomes a gateway to groundbreaking advancements in renewable energy and semiconductors. Join us for an enlightening performance, showcasing the delicate balance of shapes and patterns that command waves of light and sound, fine-tuning the flow of energy around us.

Discover how tweaking the geometry of these surfaces can lead to more efficient solar panels, enhancing their ability to harness more power from the sun or other heat sources, and how it paves the way for semiconductors that are faster, cooler, and more efficient.

Dive into the crescendo of Meta-Surfaces, where every line and loop is a note in the grand score of sustainable innovation. Let’s embark on this geometric journey together, where your curiosity could illuminate the path to a brighter, greener world!