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Thinking of doing a PhD in physics, chemistry or engineering??? Click on the image below to learn about our students’ experiences directly from this Q&A chat with the Director of ReNU CDT.

ReNU students chat with ReNU Director
ReNU students chat with Prof Neil Beattie, Director of ReNU CDT

The ReNU projects below are currently available for a 1 October 2021 start. Each award includes (Home/EU) fees, an annual living allowance (for 2021/22, this is £15,609 pa) and a Research Training Support Grant (for travel, consumables, and further training). For full eligibility criteria and to apply please click the title link to

The positions below are now closed for applications.

Development of Graphene Silicon-Lithium Ion Battery Anodes (RENU21-R/EE/MCE/ELMARAKBI)

Evaluating the network stability using probabilistic modelling of the future e-mobility ecosystem in urban areas (RENU21/EE/MPEE/MARZBAND)

Low-carbon engineering framework for a resilient water network using renewable energy and storage integration (RENU21-R/EE/MPEE/WU)

Bismuth Chalcohalides for Solar Energy Conversion (RENU21-R/EE/MPEE/TIWARI)

Decentralised Integration of Renewable Energy sources through smart grid Technologies (DIRECT)

Grid Protection For Renewable Energy Integration

The impact of material characteristics on the future price of renewable hydrogen

Better Air-quality, Free Energy, Environmental Sustainability and Higher Animal Productivity; Four Birds with One Stone (RENU21/EE/MCE/BAYATI)

Fluorotonix: Developing fluorescence standards to discover the organic light-emitting diode and organic photovoltaic materials of the future (RENU21/EE/MPEE/ETHERINGTON)

Modelling disorder in magnesium battery cathode materials (RENU21/EE/MPEE/WHALLEY)

Nano-ribbon solar fuel devices (RENU21/EE/MPEE/HUTTER)

New perovskite-inspired materials for renewable energy applications (RENU21/EE/MPEE/LONGO)

Renewable energy rain or sunshine – harvesting droplet kinetic energy on transparent thin films (RENU21/EE/MCE/LI)

Utilizing the nanoscale properties of two-dimensional materials in three-dimensional energy storage systems

Mastering the Interfaces of Solid-State Batteries

Closing the carbon loop with biomass-waste derived carbon nanodots

PHOTOCAP: Photocapacitors for ambient energy applications

Solar-Driven Plasmonic Catalysis

Circular Economy Routes to Sustainable Catalysts

Earth Abundant Transparent Conductors For Photovoltaics

New Oxysulfides For Photocatalytic and Photovoltaic Applications

Synthesising Conductive Organic Materials for Energy Devices

Understanding Ion Mobility Mechanisms in Solid Electrolytes

We encourage applications from under-represented groups.

Aligned Students

We welcome applications from PhD students to join the ReNU as aligned members. Aligned students will attend a range of ReNU CDT training events at no cost, and have the option of joining other activities at additional cost. For more info and to apply please click here.

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