CO2 Conversion Research Webinar

The first joint event between ReNU and Canada’s CREATE ME2 training programme took place online on Wednesday 24th March. A series of short presentations highlighted the different aspects of CO2 conversion that are being addressed and a follow-up discussion session served to initiate thoughts about possible ReNU-CREATE collaborations. This was a highly successful start to what is planned to be a series of joint workshops so please send in your suggestions for future topics.

Details of the programme can be downloaded below:

CDT Week 2019

The inaugural ReNU CDT week took place at Northumbria University in mid-November and was a great opportunity for doctoral candidates in Cohort 1 to interact with industry partners and develop wider skills. The programme included:

  • scientific presentations from the students;
  •  innovation training from industry;
  • presentations from partners including the Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy, Wuhan, China;
  • the 6th North East Energy Materials (NEEM) meeting;
  • dinner at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle;
  • unconscious bias training; and
  • a site visit to the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.